1. Although Europe has shown substantial improvements in life expectancy over the last 65 years, major disparities persist across countries
  2. Progress in the treatment of HIV/AIDS has contributed to a significant decline in death rates
  3. Experience from the US shows that improvement in treatments and earlier detection have contributed to an increase in cancer survival rates
  4. The growth of retail pharmaceutical spending decreased from 2009 to 2012
  5. Across Europe growth of medicines expenditure is lagging behind growth in total healthcare expenditure
  6. The pharmaceutical industry spends a greater percentage of its revenue on Research and Development than any other industry
  7. The pharmaceutical industry is a major source of comparative advantage and growth and outstrips other innovation-based industries
  8. The research-based pharmaceutical industry is a major high-technology employer in Europe
  9. Despite the crisis, employment in the pharmaceutical industry has proven more resilient than many other sectors
  10. The pharmaceutical industry continues to drive a positive trade balance for Europe