(5 June – Lyon, FRANCE): EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, has today launched a landmark paper outlining steps towards an integrated strategy for the life sciences sector in Europe.

“Health & Growth – Working together for a healthy Europe” calls for a new generation of partnerships and collaborative solutions to address the EU’s growing health and competitiveness challenges. The paper lays out a strong case for placing the pharmaceutical industry at the heart of European economic reform and growth. It delivers concrete recommendations towards achieving healthier citizens and workforces, creating new jobs, and reaffirming Europe’s position as a global leader in research and development.    

Outlining the vision, Christopher Viehbacher, CEO Sanofi and President EFPIA said: “Only a significant improvement in health outcomes, supported by increased innovation, can keep healthcare expenditure under control. This requires collaboration and a change in perception. We need to better understand the environmental and demographic factors driving healthcare spending, what are the future needs in terms of prevention and disease management, what is the value of investment in different areas and what innovative approaches will have the most effect. If we want sustainable systems, we can’t revamp just one area; we need to address the system as a whole.”

Richard Bergström, Director General EFPIA, added: “EFPIA believes in a new generation of multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborative solutions to target the EU’s health and competitiveness challenges. We must start thinking outside the box and ensure our industry is connected not just on debates about wellbeing, but also about jobs, growth and economic stability. A new European life sciences strategy will be vital to achieving the objectives of Europe 2020 and beyond.”

European healthcare systems have come under increasing strain due to economic recession and austerity policies. With Europe now emerging from the crisis, there is an opportunity to improve health prospects of citizens, while promoting economic growth. As new European leaders and policymakers across the political spectrum begin work to improve Europe’s future, EFPIA calls for greater political collaboration to agree a comprehensive strategy for life sciences, based on three separate but interdependent pillars:

          1. Improvement of health outcomes and removal of inequalities to better patient benefits;

          2. Support for sustainable and predictable healthcare systems to speed access to medicines;

          3. The building of a thriving innovative life sciences sector to promote European competitiveness.

The strategy was launched in Lyon, France, during EFPIA’s annual meetings, which were co-located with the world life sciences forum, BIOVISION. This event brought together international decision makers from academic, private, policy-making and civil society to foster a productive dialogue on life sciences discoveries and their impact on society, and to translate innovative ideas into actionable solutions for the benefit of citizens.

Further actions and discussions on Health and Growth will continue over the coming months and years, as EFPIA continues to work with diverse healthcare stakeholders, researchers, academic institutions and decision-makers to develop a new European life sciences strategy that will benefit patients and society as a whole.

Access the full document: “Health & Growth – Working together for a healthy Europe”



EFPIA represents the pharmaceutical industry operating in Europe. Through its direct membership of 33 national associations and 40 leading pharmaceutical companies, EFPIA provides the voice of 1,900 companies committed to researching, developing and bringing new medicines to improve health and quality of life around the world. The pharmaceutical industry invests €30.6 billion on research and development per year in Europe and directly employs 690,000 people including 115,000 in R&D units in Europe.

EFPIA members are committed to delivering innovative medicines to address unmet needs of patients and reducing the burden of chronic diseases for Europe’s ageing population. EFPIA believes in close cooperation with its stakeholders to help create sustainable healthcare systems and to develop prompt responses to health threats in Europe.


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