European Conference on Rare Diseases and Orphan Products Stockholm, Sweden

The rare disease community has made great strides towards improving diagnosis, care and treatment for people living with a rare disease in the last decades, but without vigilance and constant effort, progress can easily be reversed!

The ECRD 2020 theme recognises that the next decade holds great potential for improvement and although we cannot predict the future,  we all have a role in preparing for it.

The health of 30 million people living with a rare disease in Europe should not be left to luck or chance. As the EU shapes its future expenditure, ECRD 2020 serves as an opportunity to press the “pause button” and consider what policies we need to put in place today to prepare for a better patient journey in 2030 and beyond. Conference participants will hear from world experts on future trends in diagnosis, rights to access to healthcare, care delivery, therapies development and access, assessment and appraisal and digital health.

The collaborative dialogue, learning and conversations that take place during the Conference form part of the groundwork to shape rare disease policies and allow for important and innovative discussions on a national and an international level to take place.