Collaboration between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) benefits patients. It is a relationship that has delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact on our lives.
Furthermore, patient organisations (POs) play a critical role in Europe’s healthcare: from prevention and awareness, through research and development, regulatory and HTA decision making, to service design and outcomes measurement.
Bringing greater transparency to this already well-regulated and vital relationship, builds understanding of industry-POs and HCPs/HCOs collaboration and, in the context of increasing societal expectations on transparency, addresses directly public concerns about interactions between the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry.
That is why, on a voluntary basis, EFPIA has decided to disclose the amounts provided to POs, HCPs and HCOs:

EFPIA supported patient organisations and patient advocates to the value of €27,019.55 in 2017. This comprised of a €12,000 donations & grants to the European Patients Forum and €15,019.55 reimbursed to patient advocates for travel and accommodation for attending conferences and meetings across 2017.
EFPIA reimbursed Healthcare Professionals to the value of €1,551.76 for travel and accommodation for attending conferences and meetings across 2017.
Where applicable, the amounts disclosed do not include deductible VAT.