Curative therapies for Hepatitis B and HIV would eradicate virus from infected cells, saving patients from life-long treatments
2,3 million patients are diagnosed with HIV in Europe

Hepatitis B affects 4,7 million patients in the EU, costing €28 billion to healthcare systems

Both HIV and Hepatitis B today require life-long treatment with Anti-Retrovirals.

What is the potential breakthrough?

Sterilising and functional cures are being investigated for HIV and Hepatitis B, which have the potential to remove the virus from patients’ cells unlike currently available treatment options.

How will it help patients?

Curative therapies can fully eradicate the virus from patients’ bodies, minimising the risk of co-morbidities and further disease spreading and positively impact the psychological health of infected people.

What is the potential impact on Europe’s healthcare systems?

Healthcare systems would benefit from both removing the need for life-long treatment with anti-retroviral therapy and the cost of treatment of co-morbidities, including liver cancer. 

What is the potential impact on societies?

Curative therapies would result in a society free from chronic hepatitis B and HIV infections and enable full inclusion of previously infected patients into social and professional lives.

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