Established in April 2002, EFPIA Japan represents 25 R&D-based European pharmaceutical companies operating in Japan. In 2014, combined sales from member companies accounted for over one-quarter of the pharmaceutical market in Japan. Our member companies are active in research and development, and have generated nearly one-third of all new drugs in Japan in the past three years from 2012 to 2014. We firmly believe that we form an important and indispensable part of the Japanese pharmaceutical industry in terms of both sales and R&D of ethical pharmaceuticals.

We all recognize that our global and local healthcare environment is undergoing drastic changes. In this era of economic instability and reform, EFPIA Japan will engage in constructive dialogue with stakeholders in order to address current issues and find solutions that will support a healthcare system able to meet the challenge of an ageing population. Our mission is to contribute to the welfare of the Japanese population through the provision of innovative pharmaceuticals and vaccines without delay. We will pursue our goal of providing global best practices within Japan and aim to achieve the three key objectives below for improving the Japanese healthcare environment:

  • First, we need to maintain the new pricing system introduced in 2010. The system supports innovation, and has already contributed to improving Japan’s standing in global drug development.
  • Second, we should look to expedite Japanese patient access to global innovation by supporting the new pricing system mentioned above.
  • Third, we should pursue a better balance between prevention and treatment to ensure improvement of public health.

Improved access to medicines and vaccines will make Japan a more attractive place for investment by pharmaceutical companies.

Our pharmaceutical industry has contributed greatly to improving the quality of life. In addition to protecting lives, the industry supports the Japanese economy through financial investment and the employment of skilled workers, even during economic downturns. As responsible corporate citizens, we will develop an even stronger culture of compliance with the relevant rules and regulations, through which we will further contribute to the Japanese economy.

By always focusing on the patient first, we hope to strengthen our dialogue with decision makers to improve Japanese healthcare.

The direction, proposals and vision of EFPIA Japan are determined through the activities of six Committees (Pricing & Economics Committee, Technical Committee, Access Committee, Governance and Legal Committee, Biologics Committee, and Public Relations Committee).

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