Collaboration between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) benefits patients. It is a relationship that has delivered new vaccines and medicines and fosters the innovation that improves patients’ lives. Furthermore, patient organisations (POs) play a critical role in Europe’s healthcare: from prevention and awareness, through research and development, regulatory and HTA decision-making, to service design and outcomes measurement.
Bringing greater transparency to this already well-regulated and vital relationship, builds understanding of industry-POs and HCPs/HCOs collaboration and, in the context of increasing societal expectations on transparency, addresses directly public concerns about interactions between the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry.

As part of their support for further transparency, EFPIA member companies have certified their commitment to the implementation of the disclosure provisions in the EFPIA Code. You can access member companies’ individual certification letters by clicking here.

EFPIA Disclosure

On a voluntary basis, EFPIA has decided to disclose the amounts provided to patients organisations, healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations.