AMR: how can we prevent the next pandemic? Virtual event

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) has been declared by the World Health Organisation as one of the top ten global public health threats facing humanity. The burden for European patients, healthcare systems and the wider economy is substantial, with an estimated 33,000 deaths per year, and €1.5 billion in healthcare costs. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise, AMR is a predictable and preventable crisis and we have a critical opportunity to get ahead of it.

Tackling AMR is a key pillar of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and to respond to the challenge, in 2020 the global research-based biopharmaceutical industry stepped up with the AMR Action Fund, a ground-breaking partnership that aims to invest over US$1 billion to bring 2-4 new antibiotics to market this decade. If AMR is to be tackled, all stakeholders need to work together to ensure a sustainable pipeline of new antimicrobials.

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Fund, EFPIA is organising a virtual event to discuss the range of policy solutions required to effectively address AMR, by fostering investment in antimicrobial R&D.

Confirmed speakers

  • Remko van Leeuwen, CEO Madam Therapeutics and Member of the BEAM Alliance Board
  • Nathalie Moll, EFPIA Director General
  • Kevin Outterson, Executive Director at CARB-X & Professor of Law
  • Andrzej Rys, Director Health systems, medical products and innovation, DG SANTE, European Commission
  • MEP Tiemo Wölken, Vice-Chair of the MEP Interest Group on Antimicrobial Resistance - S&D, Germany

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