Health Systems after COVID-19 - how can the industry contribute to strengthened resilience? Virtual event

As Europe is now entering a new phase in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we need 
to start reflecting on what this crisis has taught about the state of European health systems and European health collaboration, and what could be done better or differently in the future. In the effort to making health systems more resilient to future pandemics and other shocks, both public institutions and private stakeholders have an important role to play, and the fight against COVID-19 has more than anything taught us the value of close collaboration.

Building on a report by EFPIA and PwC on strategic directions for change in health systems after COVID-19, EFPIA is organising a virtual event to discuss the role of the industry in building more resilient health systems, and how public-private cooperation can be leveraged to make sure that innovative solutions are fostered and taken up by health systems across Europe.

Confirmed speakers include
- Hans Kluge, Regional Director of WHO Europe
- Dorjan Marušič, former Minister of Health, Slovenia
- Andrzej Rys, Director Health Systems, medical products and innovation, DG SANTE
- Susanne Schaffert, President of Novartis Oncology and vice-chair of EFPIA’s Patient Access Committee