Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development Online learning

This interactive online course will give an understanding of current techniques, opportunities and challenges for the use of real-world evidence in medicine development. This is an ideal course for anyone who wishes to become familiar with the key issues in the areas of real-world data and wishes to broaden his/her expertise. Course participants will come from pharmaceutical companies, regulatory authorities, HTA bodies, patients’ organisations, consultancy companies and academia. As such, the course will foster discussion, interaction and mutual learning across all professionals involved in medicine development.

The learning units will cover the following topics:
  • Overview of the medicine development landscape
  • Real-world evidence generation
  • Real-world evidence synthesis
  • Decision-making and weighing of evidence
  • Demonstrating relative effectiveness to decision-makers
Real-World Evidence in Medicine Development has been developed by IMI GetReal and is offered by the UMC Utrecht on a non-profit basis.

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