DIA Medical Information and Communications Conference  Brussels

Join the DIA Medical Information and Communications Conference - the ultimate gathering for medical information professionals. Drawing on a legacy of successful past editions, the conference is packed with insights and inspiration on improving customer experience with pharma/biotech companies across all touchpoints.

What can be expected from attending this conference?

  • Share experiences, discover best practices and learn from others.
  • Pragmatic and open discussions, lessons learned and relevant case studies.
  • Join practical sessions and address real-world business challenges.
  • Learn about innovations in digital communications and applications for emerging technologies.
  • Reconnect with colleagues, build new relationships, and broaden your network.
  • Engage with leaders in Medical Information and Communications.

 Poster and presentation abstracts can be submitted hereThis year, to help prepare abstract submissions, the Programme Committee will organize “Open Hour” sessions – a fantastic opportunity to hear about past experiences, how to increase impact, and how to add value to abstract submissions.

Call for Abstract submission deadline: 19 April 2023

Early Bird Deadline: 25 June 2023