DIA Pharmacovigilance Strategies Workshop Virtual event

Join the DIA Pharmacovigilance Strategy Workshop to discuss the current landscape and join intense and well-lead discussion that may help you to progress your knowledge and practices.

The workshop format is designed to stimulate dialogue and generate solutions through a series of interactive sessions and workshops conducted in an informal setting allowing for in-depth discussion in smaller groups.

On the 5th Anniversary, the committee and DIA team has put together an agenda with cutting-edge topics which will instigate to open dialogue around:
  • Current regional and global regulatory landscape;
  • Sharing experience from generic companies around the Risk Management Plan: creation and challenges;
  • The pharmacovigilance impact and strategy for vaccines, biologics and therapeutics;
  • Utilisation of Digital Health and what implementation means for safety in the clinical and post-market space;
  • Remote Inspections and Audits: lessons learnt.
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