Learnings from 'gene delivery' COVID vaccines relevant to ATMP Virtual event

ATMP Sweden welcomes you to an online schedule over 3 half days to extract relevant learnings from the development and implementation of 'gene delivery' COVID vaccines.

It has been over a year that the world has battled with the COVID-19 pandemic and effective vaccine technologies have been developed at record speed, in many cases due to adoption of new 'gene delivery’'vaccine technologies eg. mRNA or adenoviruses.

What do we know about these recombinant gene delivery vaccines and how does this relate to Gene Therapies?

Confirmed speakers include Robert Langer from Moderna and Andreas Kuhn from BioNTech, as well as companies within a diversity of specialities of the COVID-19 vaccine space such as Folkhälsomyndighet, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Biotage.