Regenerative Medicine: Scientific Advances and Regulatory Framework in Europe Brussels

The FEAM European Biomedical Policy Forum is delighted to invite you to its next workshop on “REGENERATIVE MEDICINE: Scientific Advances and Regulatory Framework in Europe”.

Regenerative Medicine is considered a novel frontier of medical research and represents an interdisciplinary field that applies engineering and life science principles to promote regeneration, potentially restoring diseased and injured tissues. Substantially, regenerative medicine comprises three main approaches: cell-based therapy, use of engineered scaffolds and implantation of scaffolds seeded with cells. Since the onset of this field, a number of therapies have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and are now commercially available. In the last years, many scientific advances have been achieved such as the engineering of sophisticated grafts, bioartificial tissues and technologies for integrating grafts with host vasculature. However, there are still emerging needs and challenges to be faced in a global context related to either economic, political and scientific perspective as well as bioethical implications for Europe. In this context, the aim of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview on scientific advances, ongoing clinical trials, regulatory perspective, challenges and manufacturing of new drugs and products. Finally, the workshop will propose directions for effective future therapies.