Workshop: Moving pregnancy pharmacovigilance into the 21st century Virtual event

On 25 January 2022, the IMI ConcePTION project is organising an online workshop on improving how we collect information to understand the risks and benefits of medicine use in pregnancy and breastfeeding. We invite women, their partners, health care professionals, researchers and representatives from companies that develop medicines and authorities that approve them to join us. Your input will help us fill some of the knowledge gaps on the safety of medicines in pregnancy and breastfeeding, and help us to understand where there are barriers and problems with the existing systems!

Despite widespread initiatives to collect information on the safety of medicines in pregnancy & breastfeeding, the evidence is still either lacking or incomplete. To improve pregnancy pharmacovigilance and ensure that health care professionals and the women themselves have access to trustworthy, updated and accurate information, we need to understand what barriers they face and work to fill gaps in the existing systems. But to succeed in developing a sustainable system for pharmacovigilance in pregnancy, we need input from the women who use medicines, the health care professionals that prescribe them, the companies that manufacture them, and the regulators that approve them.

As part of our efforts to collect better information on medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the ConcePTION project will conduct a multi-stakeholder workshop. We need your feedback on our proposals!

The workshop will address:

  • Findings from the ConcePTION project which illustrate why the systems for collecting information on medicines use in pregnancy and breastfeeding need to be improved
  • The ConcePTION project approach
  • Our proposal for a pregnancy and breastfeeding pharmacovigilance system for the future!