War on Cancer – A patient’s journey The HAC, London, UK

On 21 November 2017, editors from The Economist will interview stakeholders across oncology to address how well patient's needs are being met in the fight against cancer.

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You can also download The Economist's 10 page Technology Quarterly on Treating Cancer here.

About the summit:

So what are the goals of the global War on Cancer? Our aim, is not simply to wage war against cancer, but to improve care for cancer patients.

  • What constitutes optimal care in an era of complex care, where cancer may be curable or transformed into a chronic disease?
  • Whether the disease is curable or not, cancer leaves a legacy for patients, carers and broader society: disability, impaired quality of life, symptom control, stigma, psychological trauma, productivity and employment loss can have a profound impact.
  • What are patients’ needs?
  • How well are these being met?
  • How can this be improved?
  • And, most critically, what will improve the patient journey, now and in the future?


War on Cancer London 2017 will bring together providers, industry representatives, employers and policymakers for a patient-led discussion. If the “war on cancer” is to be won, patients first need to define what victory looks like.​

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