Can digital tools empower people with diabetes?

Technology is everywhere these days. We book restaurants and holidays online, use apps to find taxis and share photos, and rely on our smartphone for maps, news, weather and even banking.

Compared to the entertainment or financial sector, healthcare has been a little slower to embrace digital technologies. However, that is changing very quickly, as innovative service providers strive to meet the demands of patients and health professionals.

Digital tools are game changers in diabetes prevention, management and research. New technologies are enabling a shift from traditional diabetes care based on a limited number of recent clinical measurements to a new era where patients, physicians and researchers have access to data at thousands of timepoints.

New technologies are opening the door to remote disease management by clinicians and to greater patient self-efficacy. To discuss some of the key issues around how data can improve outcomes, reduce health system costs and support innovative approaches to diabetes management, EFPIA and vfa are convening a multi-stakeholder roundtable in Berlin.

Together, participants will address three core questions:
  • What should be the role of digitalisation, technology and innovative therapies in improving health outcomes for people with diabetes?
  • What are the barriers and opportunities that need to be addressed in order to benefit from these approaches?
  • How can these tools best support self-efficacy for people with diabetes?
The event will be an opportunity to share different stakeholder perspectives on digital tools and innovative therapies, and to explore the value of innovation in improving diabetes care and outcomes. It will feature insights from people with experience of adopting and using digital tools in the health system, and shape future policies in this vital field.

Ulf Birke

Ulf Birke is Manager Health Policy at vfa.
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Milena Richter

Milena Richter is Co-Chair of the EFPIA Diabetes Platform. She is the Head of the Sanofi EU office.
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