Taking action on cancer together - delivering the future of cancer medicines in Europe

The 2018 of the European Health Forum Gastein edition focused on “Health and Sustainable Development - Bold political choices for Agenda 2030”.
And bold political choices are indeed needed. In oncology, for example, rising demand for cancer care comes alongside new ways to treat and care for cancer patients – in the context of healthcare budgets that are still constrained. A better understanding of the value of interventions is therefore essential to addressing these challenges. This has implications for access to medicines, but also for cancer care more broadly.
Recognizing these challenges, the EFPIA Oncology Platform has initiated a dialogue. Involving over 150 cancer experts, including representatives from over 30 cancer patient organisations, more than 50 clinicians and more than 20 policy-makers, officials and payers, we have published a discussion paper which sets out a strategic vision for how joint action by the European cancer community can deliver better cancer care for patients in Europe.
The first iteration of the discussion paper, entitled "Taking action on cancer together - delivering the future of cancer medicines in Europe" has already gathered supported from  European CanCer Organisation (ECCO), Youth Cancer Europe (YCE), European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC), European Association of Dermato Oncology (EADO) and Cancer Drug Development Fund (CDDF).
The European Health Forum Gastein was the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the proposals put forward in the discussion paper. The EFPIA Oncology Platform, the European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) and the European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC) have organized a session during the event on “Improving cancer care - Perspectives on value & access from the cancer care community”.
Improving the sustainability and integration of cancer care, accelerating the time it takes to get new treatments to patients and putting patients at the heart of the paradigm shift towards improving the cancer care continuum are goals we can all get behind. 

Mihai Rotaru

Mihai Rotaru is Project Manager Market Access in the Economic and Social Affairs team, responsible, among others,...
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