#WeWontRest until we beat Alzheimer’s disease – together

All of us can think of someone who has been or is affected by dementia. We know the deep impact it has on their quality of life and on their families. Alzheimer’s disease is a silent thief that could rob any of us of our memories, our relationships and our lives without warning.

Despite sustained efforts, we have so far been unable to find a way to defend ourselves against it. We cannot adequately prevent it, detect it, or treat it.

That’s why I’m pleased that EFPIA member companies have joined forces to launch the EFPIA Alzheimer’s disease Platform. Our shared goal is simple: To ensure a brighter today and tomorrow for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Achieving our simple goal will not be easy and our best chance is to do it together.

Alzheimer’s represents one of the greatest unmet needs in modern healthcare. And its impact is set to grow. Today, over 11 million people in Europe are living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, with the number expected to increase to 14 million by 2030 as our population ages(1).

This represents an enormous burden on individuals, families and society. It also has a significant economic effect. In Europe, the cost of Alzheimer’s disease has been forecast to reach over €250bn by 2030. That is equivalent to the GDP of Finland.

Unless we find better diagnostic tools and effective treatments, our societies and healthcare systems will face painful choices. These rising costs cannot be considered in isolation; Europe also faces increased demand for health and social care in other diseases areas, including cancer, stroke and diabetes to name but a few.

Industry and academic researchers have invested time, energy and funding in the search for new biomarkers and better therapies. Much to our enormous frustration, Alzheimer’s disease research has led to a range of failed clinical trials. However, such failures are part of advancing knowledge and they motivate us to redouble our efforts. Each failed study advances our understanding and brings effective new medicines closer.

Giving up is simply not an option. There are 135 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease in development and new avenues to explore as we search for ways to slow or prevent Alzheimer's disease. And so, we are redoubling our efforts and reaching out to others who share our commitment. That’s what the Alzheimer’s disease Platform is all about: facing shared challenges together.

The Platform aims to raise understanding of early onset Alzheimer’s disease; to accelerate the time it takes to get new treatments to patients; to advocate for early detection; and to co-create innovative solutions to key challenges in Alzheimer’s disease. Many of these priorities are outlined in detail in our paper “Taking Action Together to Ensure a Better Today and Tomorrow for People with Alzheimer’s Disease”.

I am very exicted that the Platform will serve as a catalyst for better Alzheimer’s care and look forward to seeing a diverse coalition of partners unlock a new era in dementia care. There is no time to lose.

(1) Alzheimer Europe, Cost of illness and burden of dementia in Europe – Prognosis to 2030,

Nathalie Moll

Nathalie Moll joined the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) as Director...
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