World Kidney Cancer Day: Using our platform to raise awareness through meaningful conversation (Guest blog)

With over 400,000 new cases of kidney cancer diagnosed worldwide each year, it’s crucial we start talking about what can be done to reduce your risk of developing this disease and improve outcomes for patients living with kidney cancer

Here at Ipsen, we’re using our voice to support the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC) World Kidney Cancer Day Campaign, taking place on 18 June.

This year, the IKCC World Kidney Cancer Day campaign theme is ‘We need to talk about physical activity’. Being physically active can both reduce your risk of developing kidney cancer and improve treatment outcomes. But did you know that three quarters of kidney cancer patients aren’t currently doing enough physical activity?

Staying active can not only reduce your risk, it can improve outcomes for oncology patients, including those with kidney cancer. Research shows that both before and after diagnosis, exercise and physical activity is associated with improved survival and a reduced risk of death. 

With the current global pandemic, many patients have taken protective measures by staying at home. However, while remaining indoors, it’s incredibly important that we talk to patients and support them with information on how to stay physically active, look after their nutrition, mental health and to manage their work-life balance. To do this we’ve spoken to experts around the world, and they’ve shared their advice in videos which are available on our website.

Through increased awareness, and by amplifying these expert opinions, I hope we can provide even more support to kidney cancer patients.

Ipsen has made a bold commitment to patients, ensuring that all our resources are used to deliver life-changing solutions to patients, prioritizing innovation for patients with high unmet needs. As part of this commitment, we want to use our platform to increase kidney cancer awareness.

This need to increase awareness and drive these critical conversations extends beyond just World Kidney Cancer Day. I’ve asked my teams around the world to continue having these meaningful conversations; by engaging with leading physicians, conducting research into therapies and by adding our voices to the wider conversation. This World Kidney Cancer Day, and every single day after, we need to talk about kidney cancer.


Bartek Bednarz

Bartek Bednarz is Ipsen’s Senior Vice President, Global Product and Portfolio Strategy for Specialty Care. He holds...
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