Cancer patient outcomes vary widely across Europe – the European Health Forum Gastein will explore how to bring the best care to all

Every single day, in Europe, a growing number of patients hear bad news from their oncologists. However, unfortunately, people diagnosed with cancer may face different outcomes depending on where they live’.
The cancer survival landscape is diverse: not every patient in Europe benefits in the same way. If every country did as well as Sweden, 270,000 additional cancer patients would live five years longer. That’s 270,000 missed opportunities to deliver the best care possible.

is is why Europe needs to put greater focus on cancer to drive change towards better outcomes in cancer for citizens and patients in Europe.

The EFPIA Oncology Platform, in partnership with European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) and European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC), is organising a session during the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) to drive this conversation forward.
The session aims to inspire discussion about a European Cancer Plan by introducing a European Cancer Dashboard, to be developed during the discussion, with key-performance indicators. These metrics include survival but also a range of other important measures such as the time it takes to return to work, rehabilitation, progress, quality of care, expenditure and innovation.

The session will provide a strategic perspective, leverage European and national initiatives following the EU Presidencies, consider individual cancer patient experiences, and reflect on provider challenges.

The recently updated Comparator Report on patient access to cancer medicines in Europe – focussing on cancer incidence, mortality, expenditure and access in Europe – will set the context for the discussion.

We are pleased to be joined in Gastein by representatives of patients, economists, health professionals, health systems experts and the European Commission. Take a look at the full list of speakers and the rest of the EHFG agenda here. And, if you’re in Gastein, join us to help shape the future of cancer care in Europe.