EFPIA Recommendations on a Connected Data System in Europe

The value of data and of forming an inclusive European Health Data Space (EHDS)
The connection and flow of data across the European Union (EU) is a critical enabler of a healthcare system that values positive clinical and societal outcomes. A connected health data ecosystem has the potential to empower more effective and efficient research and development of new treatments and diagnostics. It would also ensure better planning and delivery of patient-centred care through personalised medicine.

Improved access to, and transmission of, health data could transform the pharmaceutical industry. Real world data can impact the entire drug development process, from discovery to validating medicines’ real-world effectiveness and safety. This can catalyse the development of transformative therapies and the assessment of their effectiveness in broader populations over longer periods of time. For the research-based industry, access to data is critical at every step. From accelerating drug discovery to understanding patients' behaviours and the outcome of treatment, the availability of data is essential to testing hypotheses, identifying trends and assessing proposed treatment. Regulatory and legal uncertainty over the rules for pharmaceutical companies accessing, processing and sharing data would impact on the ability to innovate and respond to public health needs.

Download the EFPIA recommendations here.