EFPIA Welcomes the Review Report Directive 2010/63/EU and Stresses the Importance of its Correct and Comprehensive Implementation

EFPIA welcomes the publication of the European Commission’s evaluation Report on the Impact of Directive 2010/63/EU, on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

This first milestone evaluation process, based on multiple and comprehensive stakeholders consultations, clearly indicated that the current directive - the most advanced piece of lab animal protection legislation worldwide - is in tune with its aspirations and scientific and technology progress. While several provisions already yielded tangible positive results, it is premature to measure the impact of all new measures and to therefore conclude if changes to the legal framework may be needed EFPIA and its members participate in or champion scientific research, dialogue, and good practice sharing to support the most effective implementation of all Directive 2010/63 requirements in R&D, to advance reduction, refinement and replacement (3Rs) of animal studies and to foster culture of care.

To achieve all objectives laid down in Directive 2010/63, EFPIA calls upon all stakeholders to join forces and

  • Facilitate access to guidance and information for those responsible for research programmes;
  • Support and provide resources to EU and national initiatives that enable the development and validation of new research paradigms and the integration of new sciences or technologies into research and regulatory practice;
  • Support the exchange of good practice;
  • Promote continued open dialogue about the realities of current scientific research and future prospects of science and technology. 


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