EFPIA responds to public consultation on a proposal for a mandatory Transparency Register

In an open letter published today, EFPIA and its member companies have declared their support for a mandatory transparency register for organisations engaged in EU policy-making and policy implementation and the evolution towards a mandatory scheme covering the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission. 

The pharmaceutical industry works with healthcare systems and academic institutions across Europe to deliver innovative medicines to patients.  It is essential that EFPIA and its member companies engage with EU institutions to support the creation of a productive and competitive research environment and that medicines are used optimally in healthcare systems across Europe.  EFPIA strongly believes that transparency is an important tool in supporting these vital collaborations.

An effective, mandatory register requires clear, effective and simplified standards.  As a registrant to the current EU Transparency Register, EFPIA (representing our 33 national associations and 42 leading pharmaceutical companies) is committed to professionalism in interest representation. We try to lead by example when it comes to filing complete, accurate and meaningful information on the register.

We look forward to working with stakeholders to help make a mandatory, robust and credible transparency regime a reality.