EFPIA clarifies Politico headline on CRA report on the impact of relocation of the EMA

Commissioned by EFPIA, the study looks across the spectrum of activities undertaken by the EMA and considers the impact of the move on continuity, on patients and on the approval of new medicines. The version of the report obtained by Politico also contained an analysis of the potential host city bids.

The analysis conducted by CRA gave a qualitative perspective on bids against the Commission’s criteria. It was not designed to produce a ranking of host cities and relative importance of each criteria was not evaluated. Contrary to the headline in Politico, the aim of the analysis is not to rank cities.

The decision on the location of the agency is a matter for Member States, what is critical is that the decision is based on objective criteria that supports the continuity of the agencies critical functions. Its ability to retain staff and access expert networks is central to its future and to public health.