Creating the research eco-system in Europe to tackle COVID-19 and future pandemics

EFPIA welcomes the ERAvsCorona Action plan and its contribution to creating a strong COVID-19 research community and a European research eco-system that can respond to future health threats.

The biopharmaceutical industry in Europe remains committed to global efforts to care for those affected, contain the outbreak and develop resources to tackle future outbreaks. We are committed to working collaboratively across the research and healthcare communities, utilising our world-leading science, people and resources to fight this outbreak by ensuring the supply of medicines to the patients who need them, supporting governments and health systems on the ground and continuing the search for vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for the current and possible future outbreaks of the coronavirus. 

EFPIA welcomes the ERAvsCorona action plan and the fact that it is a coordinated effort between the European Commission and Member States. The 10 priority actions pinpoint the essential opportunities to defragment the scientific communities and sources of funding, to accelerate and optimise funding mechanisms and to share essential resources such as infrastructure, data and capabilities.  These are essential enablers to accelerate the translation of scientific ideas into products and services at a time when speed is essential. 

As part of the health research community, our industry is ready to contribute to the different elements of the plan and engage in a dialogue with the European institutions and Member States on how to further expand the plan and fully capitalise on Europe’s research potential.

The evolving ERAvsCorona plan may become a blueprint of a mission-like approach to future outbreaks as well as set a precedent for other non-infectious disease challenges that Europe’s patients and health systems are facing. Our industry is committed to playing its role in addressing these challenges.