EFPIA Reaction to publication for the proposed Brexit Withdrawal Agreement

EFPIA notes the publication of the withdrawal agreement and political declaration under which terms the United Kingdom would leave the European Union. Since the UK voted to leave the EU, EFPIA, in partnership with many partners in Europe’s Healthcare community, has underlined the paramount importance of protecting patient safety and public health from the potential implications of Brexit.

In that context, EFPIA Director General Nathalie Moll said. “It is extremely concerning that the political declaration fails to specifically address the health issues important to patients, their safety and the wider public health.

While we welcome the commitment to create a ‘free trade area combining deep regulatory and customs cooperation’ referred to in the political declaration, its failure to contain an explicit reference to the importance of securing long-term, extensive cooperation around the regulation of medicines is not in the best interest of patients.”

The publication of the withdrawal agreement is a significant milestone in the Brexit negotiations, however, its future is by no means certain. As all sides reflect on the next steps, we hope that specific inclusion of healthcare issues that touch the lives of all citizens in Europe and the UK will be prioritised.

As an industry we will continue to work on contingencies for every scenario keeping the health and well-being of patients in Europe and the UK at the heart of what we do.