EFPIA responds to ENVI adoption of the amendments to the Pharma-legislation

Members of the European Parliament’s Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee have today approved amendments to the EU pharma-legislation before the final text will be voted on in the plenary of 10 April 2024 

Commenting on today’s vote, EFPIA Director General, Nathalie Moll said  

“Updating Europe’s policy framework is critical to the future of an industry that is one of Europe's most important strategic assets, contributing more to the region’s trade balance than any other sector 

Despite pragmatic improvements to the initial text, the industry remains concerned that the net impact of the proposals will make Europe less competitive and less attractive as a region for researching and developing medicines and vaccines. It is hard to comprehend how reducing incentives for companies to discover, develop and deliver new treatments in Europe is in the best interests of patients in the region.   

Under these proposals, we are highly likely see companies continue to shift resources – research and development, clinical trials, advanced manufacturing and scientific and academic skills - to areas with more ambitious life science strategies.  

As MEPs vote on the amended text in the plenary session and discussions at the Council continue, EFPIA and its Members stress the need for continued dialogue on how we can define a legislation that will support rather than hinder the research, development and manufacture of new treatments in the EU to help build a healthier, more competitive and resilient Europe.