EFPIA response to the EU roadmap on the “Evaluation and revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation”

Yesterday, EFPIA filed its response to the EU roadmap/IIA on the “Evaluation and revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation” containing proposed priorities for legislative change to equip the regulatory framework to respond quickly to the needs of patients across Europe.

Speaking about the response, EFPIA Director General Nathalie Moll said: “The evaluation of the general pharmaceutical legislation is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make Europe a world leader in medical innovation and build back better from the COVID-19 crisis. To achieve these goals, the focus must be on creating an agile regulatory framework and maintaining a strong incentives’ system that embrace and encourage advances in science, technology and medicines.”

Ensuring faster, more equitable access to medicines is a goal of the wider pharmaceutical strategy and a goal we share. It cannot be achieved through the revision of legislation and an incentives framework designed to inspire world-leading pharmaceutical innovation in Europe. Access issues are multifaceted and must be addressed by developing a shared understanding by stakeholders of the root causes of access barriers and delays, followed by working in partnership, through a High-Level European Forum on Access to Health Innovation, to address these barriers and delays wherever they occur.

Nathalie Moll went on to say: “EFPIA and its member companies stand ready to work with the Commission and all stakeholders to help develop a pharmaceutical legislation that can help Europe regain its place as a world leader in medical innovation, while at the same time working with the EU institutions, Member States and healthcare partners to identify and address barriers and delays in access to medicines.”

The full EFPIA response to the Roadmap can be found here.