EFPIA’s vision to build a healthier future for Europe 

As delegates gather in Gastein for the European Health Forum 2018, EFPIA is pleased to share its vision to build a healthier future for Europe in advance of the EU elections in 2019. 
Laid out in the EFPIA Manifesto, the vision explores what the research-based industry can contribute to a healthier future for Europe and 9 concrete proposals for consideration by policy makers across the EU.  The manifesto focuses on; bringing innovative health solutions to all patients, making the EU a world leader in research and development, being stronger together by joining forces to fast track results.
Speaking about the manifesto, EFPIA’s Director General Nathalie MolI said. “I firmly believe that building a strong European economy and cohesive European society largely depends on a healthy population. This is why ensuring all European citizens live healthier lives must be a priority for the new legislative mandate, supported by more patient-centred health systems and a smart sectorial industrial policy and pro-innovation environment.”
To help realise these goals, the EFPIA manifesto contains proposals to:
  • Drive the evolution towards outcomes-focused healthcare systems
  • Improve patient access 
  • Build a coalition on vaccination
  • Fast-track breakthrough therapies that address unmet needs
  • Maintain and develop Europe’s world class IP system
  • Advance Europe’s Smart trade agenda
  • Foster the adoption of new clinical trial design supported by digital tools
  • Support a flexible legal framework for Public Private Partnerships in health
  • Launch a new strategic dialogue on healthcare and life sciences in the EU
Nathalie Moll went on to say “The health of the EU’s citizens depends on all of us - policy-makers, healthcare professionals, civil society and industry. Pooling our resources and expertise will ensure that what we do brings tangible benefits to EU citizens and strengthens the EU’s global reputation for outstanding R&D and innovation. That is why we are pleased to share our vision for a healthier future for Europe and look forward to dialogue with all stakeholders at the European Health Forum and over the coming months”.