EFPIA-Vaccines Europe statement on COVID-19 vaccines distribution

Although details of the Commission's proposal for an export visibility mechanism for EU manufactured COVID-19 vaccines remain unclear, it is vital that any measures proposed by the Commission do not restrict or have other negative impacts on exports of vaccines or the import of key vaccine manufacturing supplies. Particularly given the importance of global supply chains in delivering vaccines to citizens in Europe and the world.

We understand the frustration caused by recent reporting on temporary reductions to the quantities of COVID-19 vaccines being delivered to the European Union. COVID-19 affects us all and like many across Europe, we are still counting the devastating human and economic cost of this pandemic. We share the desire to get safe and effective vaccines to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Witnessing millions of Europeans getting their vaccines just 12 months on from the first discovery of COVID-19, is an incredible collaborative, scientific, manufacturing and logistical achievement involving the EU institutions, governments, health-systems, regulators and the research-based pharmaceutical industry. Over 7 million doses have been delivered to the EU since the first COVID-19 vaccine approval by the EMA, just over a month ago. 

Manufacturing billions of doses for citizens across Europe and around the world is an unprecedented challenge involving multiple partners, working around the clock without ever compromising on the quality or safety of the vaccines. Fluctuations in the supply of doses, however frustrating, can be a feature of manufacturing complex biological products. Industry scientists and experts are working day and night to address these challenges, increasing the capacity of manufacturing facilities and fine-tuning processes to increase supply. #WeWontRest until we get COVID-19 vaccines to everyone that needs them and we stop this pandemic in its tracks.