Report on the 2016 Member Company Survey on the EFPIA-PhRMA Principles for Responsible Clinical Trial Data Sharing

EFPIA and PhRMA released the Report on the 2016 Member Company Survey, which details the results of a joint survey, conducted between July and September 2016, to assess the degree to which member companies had made progress in implementing the commitments under the Principles. The survey results show that 98 percent of EFPIA and PhRMA member companies share clinical trial data beyond any legal or regulatory requirements. In addition, EFPIA and PhRMA member companies documented collectively more than 1,000 requests for access to clinical trial data between 1 January 2014 (the date on which the companies began to implement the Principles) and the close of the survey – approximately 2.5 years later. Of the 935 requests on the basis of which a decision had been made, the vast majority – 80 percent – were approved, showing that considerable data sharing is now taking place.