EFPIA Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its many forms has been around for years and has only recently started to show real value for pharma. In the light of the opportunities and challenges raised by the increased pace in adopting and deploying AI solutions, we are excited to see the publications of the EU Pharmaceutical Strategy and the EFPIA Position Paper on Artificial Intelligence.

The EU Pharmaceutical Strategy includes an important focus on how digital transformationincluding the use of high-performance computing and AI will be an enabler for innovation and applied for e.g. prevention, diagnosis, better treatment, therapeutic monitoring and data for personalised medicines and many other healthcare applications.

The definition of AI adopted by EFPIA as a “problem-solving tool” is welcome and very important, as pharma companies need to focus on what is representative and relevant for a patient-centric approach. AI should be appropriately used to advance the design and delivery of healthcare for the benefit of patients and healthcare professionals in a manner that allows human oversight. This is the best way to ensure that transparency and ethical principles are core to our AI solutions and by employing AI, we could improve our disease understanding, fast-track drug discovery and accelerate clinical trials to help us bring treatments faster to those who need them.

You can read the full EFPIA Position on AI below.