Every Day Counts: Improving time to patient access to innovative oncology therapies in Europe

We live in an era of unprecedented innovation for people living with cancer. Yet, there is no value from innovation if patients for whom it is intended, cannot have access to it.

For cancer patients, Every Day Counts… but significant differences exist in patient access to innovative oncology therapies in Europe. Accelerating time to patient access will be critical to beat cancer in Europe.

The initiative has been carried out with the support of a consortium led by Vintura and comprising ASC Academics and Hague Corporate Affairs. The consortium worked together with two of Europe’s leading experts in health economics and HTAs: Prof. Lieven Annemans (Ghent University) and Prof. Maarten Postma (University of Groningen). This publication is the result of a multistakeholder collaboration gathering views through sounding board meetings and interviews. It does not necessarily reflect the positions of the individual organisations or people involved.