Health Collaboration Guide 2017

All partners in the healthcare equation agree that the patient should be at the heart of healthcare, from prevention and awareness, through research and development, regulatory and HTA decision making, to service design and outcomes measurement.

Realising this means developing collaborations between patients, patient organisations, healthcare providers, regulators, policy makers and life science companies. Managing projects that include patient organisations and commercial organisations can be complex. They must be centred on patient benefit; they must be fully transparent with clear objectives, transparent funding arrangements and well defined outcomes. The EFPIA Patient Think Tank is committed to facilitating the patient being at the centre of industry patient interactions through continuous dialogue and through supporting best practice in open and transparent collaboration.

With this idea in mind, the EFPIA Patient Think Tank published the first Health Collaboration Guide in 2016 to showcase best practice collaborations between patient organisations and industry, but also local authorities, governments, SMEs and other key actors in delivering healthcare. Now in its second year, the guide is designed to spark new ideas to develop collaborative projects that, will continue to make a difference to patients across Europe.