The EFPIA Patient Think Tank provides a forum for an open exchange of ideas, information and perspectives between Patient Organisations and industry on topical issues impacting on patients. The aim of the Think Tank is to ensure that the patient voice is heard in the development of EFPIA policy and practice and to build trust and acceptance around transparent patient-industry dialogue and multi-stakeholder collaboration

No subject is off the table and as a group we have discussed topics such as outcomes focused healthcare, medicines pricing, patient engagement in HTA, healthcare data and collaboration. The Think Tank is keen to take dialogue and debate beyond the membership of the group, through initiatives like the Health Collaboration Summit and the “Working Together with Patient Groups” rollout programme. 

The Think Tank has also initiated the Health Collaboration Awards to reward collaborative projects that have delivered patient benefit. The aim of the awards is to share best practice and provide food for thought and inspiration to stakeholders considering developing multi-stakeholder projects that benefit patients. In addition to this, the Think Tank has also developed a white paper to underline the rationale for interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and Patient Organisations1, suggest the principles on which these interactions should be based, outline the points of collaboration through the life cycle of a medicine, discuss some of the challenges and potential solutions to interact as well as providing a list of resources to support meaningful/appropriate collaboration.

As European Healthcare continues to face significant challenges it is critical that there is open dialogue between stakeholders. The Think Tank plays an important role, providing a forum to share information, support best practice and exchange perspectives.