The EFPIA Code of Practice
The EFPIA Code constitutes the collection of ethical rules agreed by EFPIA members for the Promotion of Medicinal Products to HCPs and the interactions with HCPs, HCOs and POs, with the intent of guaranteeing that these activities are conducted while respecting the most stringent ethical principles of professionalism and responsibility. This Code applies to all types of communication and interaction (traditional and digital).

In 2019, EFPIA consolidated its three EFPIA Codes (HCP - PO - Disclosure) into one simplified Code. 

The objectives of this consolidation were the simplification of concepts, the removal of repetitive provisions, and the clarification of the content.

This exercise has been conducted to update the Code provisions for a better concept alignment and to better promote the common understanding of the Code by stakeholders and the general public aiming to improve adherence to the Code.
EFPIA DisclosureCollaboration between pharmaceutical industry and healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organisations (HCOs) benefits patients. It is a relationship that has delivered numerous innovative medicines and changed the way many diseases impact on our lives.
Furthermore, patient organisations (POs) play a critical role in Europe’s healthcare: from prevention and awareness, through research and development, regulatory and HTA decision making, to service design and outcomes measurement.
Bringing greater transparency to this already well-regulated and vital relationship, builds understanding of industry-POs and HCPs/HCOs collaboration and, in the context of increasing societal expectations on transparency, addresses directly public concerns about interactions between the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry.
That is why, on a voluntary basis, EFPIA has decided to disclose the amounts provided to POs, HCPs and HCOs.
Annual code reportThe EFPIA Codes Committee shall publish an annual code report which summarizes the work and activities which have taken place in connection with the implementation, development and enforcement of the various national codes during the applicable year, based on the country reports provided by the Member Associations.  

This report provides an overview of activities conducted by the EFPIA Codes Committee during 2018 and into 2019, as well as a summary of the national Codes’ reports (Annex 1 – 2018 National Code reports).

The report has been complemented with key issues reviewed by the Ethics & Compliance Committee, and that are relevant to further developments in the code implementation and enforcement areas.
Other Code materials
According to Art.10.05 of the EFPIA Code, Member Companies must not provide or offer any meal (food and beverages) to HCPs, HCOs’ members or POs’ Representatives, unless, in each case, the value of such meal does not exceed the monetary threshold set by the relevant Member Association in its National Code (following the “Host Country Principle”). 

Below the Scorecard defining the threshold on Meals and Drinks of the EFPIA Member Associations.