Webinar 4 - Proposing Estimands from Different Perspectives: Patient, Clinician, Regulator, Health Technology Assessor and Statistician Online

This is the fourth in the series of webinars from The Estimands Academy for Trial Teams. We will build on the concepts and case studies previously discussed, recognizing the benefits of following the estimand framework (ICH E9 (R1)). A case study in heart failure will be presented from the perspective of multiple stakeholders. Topics covered will include constructing estimands for different stakeholder questions of interest including how to develop transparent estimands for product labels.
The targeted learning outcomes are as follows:
  • To apply the estimand framework to a challenging realistic setting
  • To appreciate the different stakeholder views when determining estimands
  • To understand the relative merits of different strategies for intercurrent events
  • Understanding implementation challenges and possible solutions
When: 30th March 2023 2-3:30 pm UK / 3-4:30 pm CET / 9-10:30 am EST
This webinar is free to attend, click here to register.

Target audience (no prior knowledge of estimands required): Clinicians, Regulators, Investigators, Academics, members of Ethics Committees, Health technology assessors, Statisticians

Presenters: Judith Anzures-Cabrera (Roche), Nikhil Kamath (Roche), Sue McKendrick (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Antonia Morga (Astellas), David Wright (AstraZeneca). Hosted by the Estimands Implementation Working Group (EIWG) and PSI on behalf of EFSPI and EFPIA.

Links to previous webinars in YouTube: