Unleashing the potential of data to improve cancer care

Over 180 participants came together at the Oncology Data Summit organised by EFPIA, building greater understanding of the current oncology data landscape in Europe, and identifying actions that can help deliver better cancer outcomes. The Summit built on a programme of activity developed by the EFPIA Oncology Platform through recent years, which has been engaging with a variety of stakeholders to identify key determinants that would improve cancer care in Europe. From these exchanges, the more effective use of oncology data emerged as a key horizontal enabler for many different aspects of prevention and treatment. In 2017, EFPIA initiated the Oncology Data Landscape in Europe project, which identified the need for a clearer shared understanding of the fragmented, rapidly evolving landscape of oncology data.

Using the information coming from new sources is a key challenge today, as the potential of data remains to a large degree untapped in a broad societal sense. The Oncology Data Summit in 2019 was developed as a catalyst to build a common understanding of the challenges and opportunities we collectively face. The Oncology Data Summit therefore brought together thought leaders on data, oncology stakeholders, patients’ representatives and decision-makers, in order to foster new ideas and build partnerships on the access and use of oncology data. Participants included Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CONNECT, European Commission and Dr. Vera Katalinić-Janković, Assistant Minister of Health of Croatia. The Summit also followed the Romanian Presidency-endorsed conference “Value of Data” in Bucharest on 5 June 2019.

Read the report to know more about the conference outcome and the key areas for action suggested by the participants